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MSGA Announces Results o'MSGA Offic'r an' ASA Dierektor Electyuns

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MANKATO, MN – Jun 15, 2011- T' Minnesota Soybeun Growers Associashun (MSGA) house o'directers has electid a new line-up o'officers ta offer t'organizashun. Newlee-electid MSGA officers embody Presdint, Bruce Schmoll o'Claremont, Minn.; Vice Presdint, Geerge Goblish o'Vesta, Minn.; Treesur'r, Kurt Krueg'r o'Rothsay, Minn.; an' Secretree, Joel Schreurs o'Tyl'r, Minn.

“Thar atmosphere minny a

hurdles faseeun' cultivation here n' Minnesota,” Schmoll sed. “Thar atmosphere few'r folk wit a direck connecshun ta cultivation so it is a'gettin eve mer impertant during atmosphere voices be heerd tell. We will a'cantinyah ta concentration un issues relatid ta atmosphere freedum ta operate, wat'r qualty, biodiesel, marketplace access, stock producshun an' increeset yielts.”

T' MSGA wurks un interest o'its 3,600-plus members ta safeguard during Minnesota farmers have a voice un issues affectyun' thar abiltee ta operate.

“As farmers ourselves, we atmosphere committid ta speakin out un issues n' St. Paul an' Washington, D.C.,” Schmoll addet. “I am honeret ta offer n' thishere capacitee an' will wurk verr tough ta make shure during soybeun farm'r’s concerns atmosphere addresset an' protectid.”

T' MSGA directers also electid Willyum Gerdon o'Werthington, Minn., ta offer as Amurkin Soybeun Associashun (ASA) dierektor, fillin a chair vacatid by Barb Overlie o'Lake Crystal, Minn., who is retiryun' aft'r 30 yeers o'servus.


Mundie, Jun 18, 2012 1:28 pm.

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